Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hot Damn!!!

It makes feel so happy when the day is so pretty like this.. It is kinda chilly still but not too bad.. How am I doing you ask? Just fine.. I had the KEWLEST thing happen last night!! Missha my cousin came to work out with me plus it was Friday and that's family night so she brought Kelsey so the kids could play in the pool.. Well when she walked up to the gym to meet me she said "OMG Kristie, How much weight have you lost??!!" and I was like NOOOOO you can't tell!! and she said "YES I CAN"!! It made me feel so good.. I still can't "see" it but I can tell in my clothes.. Allen says he can tell when he hugs me.. AWWWWW!!!! It does make me feel good to hear those things.. That is the kinda encouragement I love.. I don't like people telling me what to eat and what not to eat etc.. The more encouraging postive words I hear the better.. I mean don't get me wrong I love advice!! I just really like the compliments!!! Last nights workout wasn't really that intense as it usually is.. I was waiting on "MISS LATE GIRL" to get to the gym!!! LOL... I got there before Missha did so I walked about 10 laps which is a mile and then I stretched and got on the bike for about 10 min and then the precore for about 4 or so and then we went downstairs so the kids could play in the pool and play racketball.. Then Missha and I got in the steam room where we stayed until we almost got TOOOOOO HOT!!! LOL.. Luckily we got out before we died!

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