Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hello out there!!!!!!!!!

Well it's Sunday!! I had sooooooooooo much fun yesterday at the Spirit of Women expo.. I learned a ton and got a crap load of freebies PLUS I bought a GORGEOUS necklace and earring set from Kim Gambrell the artist/owner of Fruition. Not only is she uber talented but she was also really sweet!.. I am telling you ladies.. She rocks!!!!! I can NOT wait to wear it! Here is a pic of it!! I totally deserved it:)!!! Along with my necklace and freebies I also went to a few "classes" I went to a class on learning how to pick out the right excersize/walking shoes for me, and one on skin care, and then one on gardening and well since I am not a gardener at all Susan and I sent dirty text messages to each other during it.. ROFL!! It was so funny I thought I was going to have to leave the class because I was about to bust out laughing a couple of times!! LOL!!! I also got my blood sugar tested and it was a 100 which the lady said was perfect!! OH YEA I AM PERFECT! teee heee!! Then I got my bone density tested and I scored a 2.2 which was way off the charts great!!! I was so tickled.. She said my bones were in excellent condition!! OH YEA ANOTHER PERFECT SCORE!! LOL.. I am going to the gym today with Susan.. I kinda hurt my knee last week (which we found out was because we are NOT wearing the right kind of shoes) so I am going but I am going to try not to do anything that will have a big impact on my knees..

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