Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Oh man, early this morning was a tough one for our family.. My brother Casey was at the ER from about 12:30 to about 4am or so.. It was a long night.. Bradyn ended up staying home with me because I was so tired. We went to check on him at my dad's house and he seemed better just really tired and really sore.. He had a really really bad reaction to a medication he took a little too much of not knowing that he didn't need to do that.. He thought it would help him sleep and it really wasn't designed just for that.. So anyway.. That was really rough.. So I slept late today and then Bradyn and I got up and went to see him and then after that I went to the gym.. For some reason when I was walking the track and would pass the Precore machine I would growl.. Hmmm I wonder why?? LOL.. Susan was with me today.. It was funny because I didn't even know she was there.. She didn't know I was there either and we were both walking around the track!!! LOL.. Devyn (Susan's neice) was also there for her assessment.. I think it will be a lot of fun and motivation for all of us.. Lord knows I need all I can get!!! Susan and I walked around about 9 times and then got on the Precore.. She and I both were laughing at the horribleness of our fitness on this machine!! We both felt really weird when we got off.. We both did it to about 2.5 min or so... I asked the trainer again if it would get better and he said it would and to keep at it.. So that's my plan.. I AM GOING TO GO 10 MIN ON THAT THING ONE DAY!!!!!!! I look around and see all these people going so fast for so long on that thing and here I am my measly 2.5 min!!! GEEEESH!!! Then we walked a little more and did our weights. It was a good work out though I felt it and was really sweaty.. I think tomorrow I will skip and walk at home instead.. I don't wan to over due it to much.. I think 4 days a week and walking at home is good for the first few weeks and then bump it up slowly so I don't hurt myself too badly.. Although when I watch the Biggest Loser and all those shows they sure don't go easy on them!!!!!


  1. Kristie, I'm here!! You can do it.

    Let me tell you about that precore machine. Three years ago I got on that darn thing and did like 4 minutes. It was horrid. I was panting like a puppy dog. Now it's my favorite machine...I bring a nice fat book and I do 90 minutes, no hands, holding/reading a book. You really do adjust to it, I PROMISE!!!!!!! You can do it...you can do it....I'm very proud of you!!