Saturday, January 17, 2009

It's a Chilly Willy Saturday here!!!

YIKES.. It is sooo cold here!!! But this ain't no (like my southern accent coming through there:) blog about weather! So how am I doing? Great!! I feel sooo much better! I worked out last night with Susan and Devyn and it really did feel good..I walked around the track for 3/4 of a mile then I actually did 3 whole freakin' minutes on the dreaded Precore machine! I was very proud of that! I walked for 10 min on the treadmill then 3 min on the bike (by this time I was pretty tired, I probably should have stayed on the bike) then I did my weights. I increased the amount of weights I was doing by just a teeny bit. And then I hit the steam room... I love the steam room! BUT before all that Bradyn and I played a little Racketball and I let him play in the pool because it was family night. He had so much fun especially playing Racketball because he laughed at me the whole time.. teee heee! I have lost a little weight but I won't say how much yet.. I am going to try not to weigh myself a lot.. It is hard because I want to know so badly but I really need to wait to weigh maybe every 3 weeks or so.. I know in the past when I was loosing it the wrong way I would weigh myself several times a day.. That wasn't healthy for me but neither was throwing up to loose weight, right??? Anyway... I really do feel so much better today... I think working out really helps!

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