Thursday, January 8, 2009

Goals??? What the hell are they anyway!!!

I have been thinking of my goals today and wondering what is a goal exactly.. An unattainable dream? A fairytale? Don't get me wrong.. I know what the meaning of goal is but good grief how many goals can one person have and how many times have you had a goal and NOT reached it.. I am not about to make a goal and not reach it this time.. I have invested to much of my life already trying to grab hold of something I want so bad knowing full well that I won't really work hard enough for it.. I thought and thought about my goals in this and I have come up with these.. (if you are reading this and have never been obese...omg I hate that word.... then you probably won't relate to this but that's ok I want to share this with everyone so that they can maybe understand a little about the difficulties of being big)

Of course my main goal is to be healthy.. I don't care about being skinny.. I just want to feel good..but some other things I would love to be able to do are and yea these may not be goals per say but they kinda are to me.. So in no particular order here they are..
1. Being able to wear pretty clothes.. You know like the awesomely hot dresses in the Reed's department store window?
2. Being able to wear boots.. I am not talking about ankle boots.. I am talking about knee boots.. I am too big to fit in regular size ones from the department stores.. I would have to special order them and I am NOT doing that!!!
3.. Being able to go somewhere and eat and not look around to see if anyone is watching me eat.
4. Be able to run fast with Bradyn.. I absolutely can NOT wait for this one.. I want him to have his mama right beside him running fast in my dad's pasture feeling the air in my hair and not be so winded that I have to stop in 2 seconds.. That would be kewl!!
5. I love amusment parks but the whole time I am there.. and I mean it just about the whole damn time... I am thinking to myself.. OH GOD I hope I can fit in the seat and buckle the seat belt on the rides.. So it would be really nice if I could go and not even think about the whole fitting in the seat thing and just have a great time!

Ok that's it for now.. Not that I don't have a ton more I can list but I will list them as I go along in my journey..


  1. I can visualize it, Krisite running through and amusement park in her hot dress and killer boots. She goes on every ride twice and before going back for the third round she and Bradyn share a waffle cake. She licks the powdered sugar off her fingers and doesn't care who is looking.

  2. ROFL!!! I LOVE YOU!! You made my day!!!