Monday, January 26, 2009

Whew.. all is good!!!!

I was sort of worried about nothing.. Turns out I am just fine.. I went to the Dr today and she took my BP and it was fine!! She said they were probably not using the right cuff. Being overweight I have to use a larger BP cuff to take an accurate reading and the people that took mine didn't use a larger cuff.... They also did a few other tests and all was good with them as well.. I feel much better now.. I didn't work out today though.. Allen came home sick so I stayed with him..

A little funny about my silly husband: So last night I was crying and all worried and he says "Kristie you worry so much.. Your always doom's daying it up" I told my Dr that and she laughed and before she walked out the door she said.. "Now try not to dooms day it up ok".. LOL!!!


  1. OH yeah, the size of the cuff makes a huge difference! I ask for the bigger cuff when I remember.

  2. P.S. Love Allen's "doomsdaying it up!" Gonna have to remember that when I start worrywarting!