Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's Saturday!!

My assessment yesterday at the gym went fine.. I actually weighed a few pounds less than I had thought. 286 to be exact.. My blood pressure was just perfect, my strength was fine but needs improvement my body fat percentage was UM NO SO GREAT!!! LOL... It was like 45% YIKES!!!! I really really enjoyed the whole thing really.. The people were so nice and encouraging they were so helpful and showed me all I needed to know. I left there feeling a lot less nervous and a ton more excited and ready for my journey. I told Regina,the lady that was doing my assessment, that I didn't want to "diet" because I didn't think they really worked.. I told her I wanted to eat healthy but still get to enjoy the things I like to eat. She said that was a great outlook to have and that I should still eat things that I liked but only in moderation. I totally agree.. She also said that one of the big keys in loosing weight and getting healthy (besides eating healthier) is to stay active. No not excercising 23 hours a day but not sitting on the couch or in the bed all day.. She said just by cleaning the house you get some sort of excercise. But any of you ever come over to my house don't DARE expect it to be spotless!!!! LOL.. I ain't gonna be cleaning all damn day:)
I ended up going bed last night around 8:30pm!!! HOLY COW that is crazy early for me but OMG I was exhausted both physically and mentally.. I didn't really do a big work out yesterday but I was there for about 2 hours just going over things and taking tests and such.. I had so many things running through my mind all day yesterday. It was a big day for me! Today's goal: I am going to go for a walk with Bradyn and hopefully get Allen to join us!!

A little about today's quote of the day: I like little funny encouraging or funny quotes but today's quote isn't either really.. It's just a statement that I really relate to. I have an eating disorder. I have had it for about 15 years. I don't talk about it to a whole lot of people but I think in order to do this and get healthy both body and mind that I needed to talk about this.. I have Bulimia. There I said it. I have this burning feeling inside whenever I eat too much to get it OUT of my system. I have seen professional for it although I think either he wasn't the right one for me or maybe I was really scared but I quit going to him. I had a painful childhood and that does still eat at me sometimes I guess.. I don't really think about things that happened when I was little but I think subconsciously it is still there and that is what causes me to be depressed. I do NOT blame my mom or my dad for things that happened when I was little.. They did the best they knew how to do. I do know that to get through this I probably need to see a professional but I need to find one that I am comfortable with and who I trust in helping me deal with all the pain.

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