Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oh Lordy!! I am so tired!!!

Whew.. I just got back from the gym an hour ago or so and man oh man I am EXHAUSTED I did my normal workout but tried to add a few min. here and there.. Plus I added a little extra weights.. I stayed in the steam room for about 15 min or so and now I just want to rest!!!! Don't get me wrong I feel great just tired.. Infact I feel better and better each day.. I have more energy and my mind seems clearer.. Anyway.. Just thought I would update everyone..

I could really use some encouraging words or advice if anyone has any to throw out there at me.. I love getting comments on my posts!! Thanks so much to all my blog viewers out there:)


  1. Hey Kristie!!! I love your blog! You are a hoot! :) Are you working out at the Wellness Center? There are a few really good classes if you would like to try them. However, I am not a regular attendee. I hope all is well and I look forward to keeping in touch!

  2. Hey Millie!!! HOW ARE YOU??!!!! Yep I am working out at the WC!! Susan is too!! We have so much fun.. How did you find my blog.. I love that you commented I need all the support I can get!!!!