Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wow I am really feeling good!!!

It's Sunday!! Susan texted me earlier today and wanted to know if I was going to work out.. I hadn't planned on it because I thought it was closed on Sunday and let's face it.. Who really WANTS to work out on Sunday? But I went ahead and went because I knew I needed to and I am sooo glad I did.. I really am energized and relaxed all at once.. After my work out I got in the steam room and there was another lady in there.. We were talking for min and then she says "you can get the steam going if you want to? I am like, what the crap.. I thought it was going.. Here I am sweating like crazy.. But little did I know that when I poured water over this little knob thingy that a CRAZY amount of steam would come.. So much infact that I couldn't see her anymore OR MY FEET!! LOL.. I had gotten in the steam room a few times before and NEVER knew that I had to actually pour water on the little thingy to get it to work!!! I thought I was doing good before!! LOL.. But yea I was a sweating fool when all that steam came rising up!!! It felt really good and helped relax my muscles after my work out. My goals for next week are: to work out 5 times.. I did that this week already and I want to make sure I do the same for next week.. I also want to start encorporating some fruits and veggies into my day. I really don't eat as much of that as I need too.. So that is my plan for next week..

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