Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I worked out again today!!!

Ok so Monday I didn't work out because well I guess there is no real excuse other than I just didn't.. Allen came home from work sick, I was tired.. yada yada yada.. I didn't eat real well that day either!! But today I went to the gym with Quey and had a great work out.. I went to Walmart yesterday and bought some new shoes to work out in.. I don't really like them. They kinda look like Orthepedic shoes but they have pretty good support in them.. Susan and I are going to get some KEWL looking sporty support shoes in a few weeks.. But for now these are JUST FINE.. My legs actually did NOT hurt so I know they are helping during my work outs.. I didn't realize how IMPORTANT shoes really are!!! They made all the difference. I felt like I could do more and I did!! woooohoooooooo I have been feeling a little discouraged lately.. I am trying sooo hard not to.. but in one my earlier posts I mentioned the "number" not looking like they are coming off.. I talked with one of the trainers and she promised me that in a month or so when I weigh that I WILL see some numbers dropping.. She said it just takes time.. She says she is really proud of me and to not give up and I do know she is right but like I said before.. When you are fat and are trying to loose weight you just want to see those numbers going down!! I can tell in my clothes though..
I saw a guy who I went to school with and was also the brother of a guy I dated at the gym.. I was like OHHHH NOOOOOOOO.. I had seen him before but I didn't speak to him because I just knew he wouldn't recognize my fat self.. But he came over and spoke to me.. I was kinda embarrased but oh well..

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  1. I agree about the shoes being important. If you can, go to an athletic store like foot locker and try a few different brands. I used to swear by NIkes (I've been through 3 pairs), but then I got some Sauconys. The Sauconys are more expensive but feel better much better esp. with the spenco runner insoles.