Monday, January 12, 2009

It's Monday!!!

I had a good weekend. I didn't do much though. I am going to probably take a break from the blog on weekends and just keep updating during the week.. We will see how that goes for now.

YOWZERZ!!! I had my first official work out today at the Wellness Center and OMG it kicked my tail!! Regina set me a plan to kinda follow as I go.. I start off walking a 3/4mile and then get on the Precore machine.. OMG that MACHINE WAS PAINFULLY EXHAUSTING!! I couldn't do the 10 min she had set for me I could only do 3 for now!! WOW it moved muscles I didn't think I had!!! My legs were like spagetti and I was shaking a little so I knew I needed to get off that machine.. So after that I walked slowly to let my heart rate slow down abit and to also help stop the shaking in my legs.. LOL.. Then I did some weight lifting.. I actually didn't get to finish all the cardio Regina set for me because my legs felt so bad but one of the other trainers I was talking too, who's name excapes me, told me that was perfectly fine and normal and that if I do too much too soon I could get hurt or just get burned out. I told her I felt like I failed working out today but she said.. "Kristie, you are here and that is NOT failing in my book".. She is such a sweet person and I feel bad I can't remember her name!!!!!!! Anyway we finished off with a little more walking.. She actually walked around the course with me... Now it's almost 6:30pm and Bradyn has a Cub Scout meeting..

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