Sunday, February 1, 2009

I had a great work out today!

I went to the gym today and met Dev and one of her friends. I did my normal but I probably walked a little more because I was waiting on her to get there. After our workout we hit the steam room and sweated like crazy!! I love getting in that thing.. At first it kinda takes my breath away but after a min or so it feels so good... I have also done really well with my eating disorder.. I haven't felt the urge to get rid of any food or anything so that is great for me!!! I plan on going to Over Eaters Anonymous this week.. Wednesday to be exact.. I really wish Allen would go workout with me.. His back hurts a lot and he doesn't feel good a lot too. I am going to try and talk him into it.. Just for a few days maybe he will like it.. He has a membership now to a gym in New Albany but he NEVER EVER goes!!!! Hopefully his membership will run out soon so he won't have to pay for it anymore and he can go with me to the Wellness Center!

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