Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Precore machine is my bitch!!!!

LOL.. I totally rocked the Precore Friday night.. I can usually only do like maybe 5 min but I don't know what it was but Friday night I kept going and going and going... I hit over 15min!! HOT DAMN!!! I was just soooo freakin' excited about that.. That dang machine has been the devil to me since I started working out there.. It hurt so bad to exercise on it.. Susan also stayed on it for 15 min.. It hurts her too.. The funny thing was for her is that she was riding the heck out of it BACKWARDS and had no idea.. She looked so funny hanging on for dear life just a peddling!! LOL.. Our trainer came over and told her she was riding backwards and maybe going forwards would be easier.. I lauged so hard I almost fell off!! LOL

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