Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's Thursday!!!!

I am really feeling good these days.. Well except for having my monthly visitor (TMI?????) LOL!!!! I can really tell I am loosing.. I wish it would come off a heck of a lot faster though!!!!!!!! I put on my size 22 jeans the other day and I COULD BUTTON THEM!! HOT DIGGITY DAWG.. Now let me say this.. They were not really loose or anything but still I could button them!! LOL.. I wanted to say thank you to all my readers who are following along and who give me lots of support during this.. It is hard and sometimes I want to quit but the urge to stop isn't overwhelming anymore.. I feel really good about that.. I really do enjoy working out.. I have lots of energy afterwards. So in the words of the wise Martha Stewart "that's a good thing".

A big thank you goes out to my cousin Dawn E. Lou!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!

I also wanted to say Hi to Millie and Leigh!! So HI MILLIE AND LEIGH!! We should go to lunch someday!!!!

Hey this kinda sounds like I am accepting some sort of an award doesn't it.. Hell maybe I am!!!

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  1. Yeah, my name's on that there in-ter-net! You are such a love-bug:)