Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Didya think I forgot about blogging??!!!!???!

Nope!! I am still here and working hard!! I still haven't really gotten into the eating completely healthy yet but my workouts are awesome and I am really really loving it!! I am so nervous about going today though.. I think I mentioned before that I was going to work out with Dee well I got sick that next day and didn't feel good at all so I didn't go.. I did walk in my neighborhood though but I just didn't go to work out with him.. I think part of it was an excuse so I didn't have to go because I am so scared!!! I think the thing I am "afraid" of the most is people looking at me while I am working out with him.. When you work out with a trainer everyone can hear their voices in the whole place so you kinda stand out but when I am doing cardio alone I kinda blend in.. I think that is the main reason why worry so much about going.. I am going to start adding more fruits and more healthier things to my diet each week.. Allen's Chiropractor used to work for the Ole Miss Athletic Department and he worked up a sheet for Allen to go by as far as what are good things for him to eat and bad things that work with his blood type.. He is going to do the same for Bradyn and I so hopefully I can do better with the eating thing.. I just love to eat so much but I guess I need to start doing better with that. I mean good grief I work my ass off at the gym I should care a little more about what I put into my body, right??!!??!!

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