Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I just knew I would have a better day today and I DID!!! LOL.. I went to the gym today and found out I am working out TOOOOOOO MUCH!! WHAT THE HELL????? DEE one one of my trainers (a hot ass looking guy too!!!) told me NOT to do weights/strength training everyday!!! He said that my cardio is great everyday but not to do the weighs every time I come to the gym which is usually about 5 days a week and I had been doing that!!!! No wonder I am not loosing hardly any weight.. I mean yea I am loosing it but I am gaining more muscles to quickly.. He said to only do my strength training 2 to maybe 3 days a week!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRR!!! Oh and get this.. Dee also trained Nicole my cousin and Nicole told me to "yea introduce yourself to Dee and tell him to work your ass off like he did mine".. So today I introduced myself to him and told him what she said and I was kidding.. I really didn't want him to work my ass off.. Well he wants Susan and I to meet him on Friday!! OH MYLANTA!!! What have I gotten myself into.. He is hardcore!!!! I AM SCARED!!! LOL

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