Monday, March 2, 2009

Today is gonna be a great day!!

I can already tell that today is gonna be kewl!! I already this morning got a very sweet and encouraging message from Becca on Facebook.... She says we need to start a "team Kristie" group on FB!! AWWWWWWWW!!!!! I love that I have groupies!!! LOL!!! So thanks so much Becca and oh and BTW I used to have a crush on Micheal when I was young!! TEEEEHEEEEEEEEE!!!

I can honestly say that I am really PROUD of myself and I haven't really had that feeling about myself in a long time.. I am mostly proud of the fact that my head is clearer these days.. I feel focused and driven to do the right thing for my life, my body, and my family.. I am proud of the fact that although sometimes it's difficult I am still going strong. I am proud that I can look in the mirror at myself and NOT feel disgusted:)

Today was Bradyn's first day at school on adderhall.. I wish so much he didn't have this problem but really I am thinking it may be helping some already.. This weekend was semi relaxed.. He wasn't zoned out or anything like I was afraid he would be on the meds so that is really good.. He just seemed to be less aggitated some.. Bless my baby's wittle bitty bones.. I love my little monkey head so much..

I am going to the gym tonight.. Actually probably earlier than usual though.. I think we are going to start painting my kitchen tonight.. I have having a little get together Friday and my kitchen looks HORRIBLE from the remodeling..

Here is a pic of my HORRIBLE kitchen right now.. I told mama that I atleast want to get the green paint on the wall and maybe my kick ass curtains up before the party.. We are going to do a metal sheeting thing on the bottom of the chair rail.. But we probably won't get that done in time.. Oh well.. Well in this pic you can't even see the chair rail but it's there I promise!! So far we have ripped down all the really OLD wall paper.. about 5 layers!!! And we also knocked out that horrible desk that Bradyn is touching in the pic..

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