Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What a workout day!!!!!!!!!

That was some of the pics I took today!!!
Wow.. Let me tell ya about today.. So I get up around 9ish.. Watch TV for a little while cause it takes me a min to get fully awake!! LOL.. Go check my emails and such and then I went to the GYM around 10:45. I did my 15 min on the Precore, 5 min on the rower (that thing also kicks my tail.. It doesn't hurt it just gets the heart rate up!!) and then 10 min on the bike.. Then I did my weights followed by the sauna!! I went and layed about 12 min in the sun bed( I know I know it's not the most healthiest thing in the world.. I don't particularly like to lay much.. I usually lay about 2 times a week just to have a teeny bit of color. It makes me feel better!) and then went home, took a shower, went to Mooreville and did some visiting and took some photos of various places around my family's land, then went back towards Tupelo where I took more pictures...AND FINALLY WENT HOME AROUND 6:30pm.. Allen and Bradyn were not home yet so I played with the photos I took on photoshop and them mama called at 8:30 and wanted me to go for a walk with her.. SO I WENT FOR ANOTHER 2 MILE WALK!!!!!! I think it is safe to say that my body is TIRED now!!!! LOL..I am so proud of myself for it though!!! Yay me!!!

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  1. OMG! I live on Robins Street- between Allen and Leake (440 next time you are around there:))! You should have stopped in for a visit! Glad you are doing well!