Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Well today has been a pretty good day so far.. I haven't been too busy or anything today.. I didn't go to the gym because I really wanted to walk outside for some reason! It was really cold out but I still wanted to smell the fresh air! Bradyn and I walked for about 40 min or so.. He kept saying he wanted to go home because his feet and legs hurt but I made him walk..It is really good for him to get outside and I really want to encourage him to go out more! Plus we did have fun.. We play games when we walk.. We played "tour bus" today.. I pretended like I was giving him a tour of the "historic" neighborhood and we saw a witches house that we couldn't look at because if we did we would be captured by her!! LOL.. So of course he looks at it so I told him he had to say "I won't look" backwards 10 times to undo the spell!! I know the only person who is really going to appreciate this story is my much loved Dawny Lou!!!!! We also saw a dog who wasn't a real dog. He was a HUMOG.. Half human half dog!!! I told him he couldn't pet it because he would turn into a HUMOG too!! LOL.. He loves to pretend with me!! Ok so I like to play with my kid!! I still have a great imagination wouldn't ya say!!!!??? LOL.. Yesterday we had a fun day too.. It was a very pretty and warm day so we did his homework outside, read his books outside, and played a little laser tag!!! I love the fact that I can keep up with him now... It's a lot of fun!!

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  1. Witches houses and Humogs! What a day! Wonder what the Hackels from Hackelburg would say? Hope you had your witch protection.