Friday, March 20, 2009

Our day!

Sadly we didn't get to go to the zoo BUT we did have a great day!!!! I felt so good today.. All day long..Since we didn't get to go to the zoo as planned Bradyn and I went to the park and had another picnic and he brought his scooter so he could play. We ate, played, walked, fed ducks and went to the little museum at the park.. Afterwards we went home and played outside some more.. I decided to ride my bike around our circle drive and Bradyn rode his scooter.. He kept saying how he wished he could ride his bike without the training wheels.. This has been a big time battle for him for about 2 years now.. He was just sooooooo very afraid of falling.. We tried encouraging him but it just didn't work so we thought he would do it when he is ready.. Well today must have been that day!!!!!! He tried and tried for about 2 hours and FINALLY got the hang of it.. I was such a proud mama bear!!!! We ended up playing bike race around the circle.. LOL.. It was fun.. I really enjoy being able to keep up with him more!!

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