Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Opps I did it again!!

I said I was going to keep updating regularly again didn't I??? Sorry!! I have really been doing good lately.. I have been losing more weight and I can really tell it now.. I was starting to worry and thinking to myself.. OMG will this weight ever fucking come off!!! I was really really getting frusterated!! I think the synthroid is helping! I have lost about 4 sizes so far!! I am sooo excited and so proud of myself.. Today I made Bradyn, Kelsey and Missha jog with me!! LOL.. I still want to do the Couch to 5k thing but it is still so hard for me to jog for a whole minute at a time I think a lot of it is that my weight holds me back from being able to jog for long periods of time anyway today I made them jog for 30second intervals for about a mile and a half or so.. It was hard but we did it!! I still go to the gym regularly and my eating I think has really improved.. I try to go for the more healthy stuff now.. I still have urges to throw up my food but I really really try to get my mind off of it when I am feeling it bad.. Bradyn has been so cute about my weight loss too.. He giggles when I show him that I can take my jeans off with out unbuttoning them!! LOL.. He keeps saying he can't wait to "put his arms around me all the way when I loose more weight".. I just want to make sure he knows that being skinny isn't always healthy and that it's best to be healthy and not worry about how small you are.. I struggled with that my whole life.. I don't want him to have the same feelings about his body like I did and do..

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