Monday, August 3, 2009

Where in the hell am I????

I have been asking myself that here lately too!! I just don't know.. I haven't felt good at all for a few months.. I just feel blah.. That's just the best way to explain how I am feeling.. Along with Blah I am crazy emotional, tired, sluggish, I have tons of anxiety and my heart still flutters a lot..I did go to the Endocrinologist last week though and he is going to increase my synthroid so maybe that will help.. One thing this guy said though was that he thought I was OCD!! WTF!!??? I mean I guess I can see it a little in some of the things I am anal about but not to the point of having medicine.. He prescribed med some kinda pill for it too.. He also kept saying.. "YOU GOOD GIRL, YOU GOOD GIRL".. LOL.. he was from another country so I wasn't quite sure what that meant!! I guess it means I am a good girl but um yea!!.. OK......The tests also showed my bad cholesteral was a little high.. He said to eat more fruits and veggies and less of the other crap.. I don't eat a lot of fried crap anyway so I guess I can work on that.. I also haven't been going to the gym in a bout 2 weeks or more!! Like I said.. I just haven't feel good.. I literally didn't want to get out of the bed for several weeks.. I haven't really gained any weight back so that is good.. but I haven't lost any more either.. So I really don't know where I am in my life right now.. I am just on a stand still waiting for something.. A good swift kick in the ass maybe??? I don't know..

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