Thursday, May 7, 2009

I am back.. FAITHFULLY!!! I promise!!

I have missed some gym time because I have been a sick girlie.. For the past 2 weeks or more I have felt just plain lousy.. I was very very moody, emotional, EXHAUSTED, my shoulders were numb a lot at night time, my heart was palpitating all the time, but what really worried me was one day I was in the shower and I was combing out my hair after shampooing it and chunks came out.. I could feel it coming out at the root!! It really scared me.. My hair is kinda my thing and to even think that I was loosing it.. TERRIFIED me!! So the very next day I went to the Dr and they ran some blood work and found that my thyroid was out of whack!! I have Hypothyroidism.. I kinda thought all along I would end up with a thyroid problem though.. I was told when I was 19 that I had a thyroid problem but when I moved back home from college I was told it was fine.. So all these years every time I have been sick they have tested for thyroid and NOTHING.. Well until last week!! My Dr put me on synthroid.. She also said that with hypothyroidism (hypo for short) can be the reason why it has been sooooo very difficult for me to loose weight.. She said taking the meds may help.. So that is a positive thing.. I THINK.. I didn't realize but the thyroid has a lot to do with the body.. It affects your hormones and everything! NO WONDER I WAS A CRAZED BANCHEE!!! lol..

So what do I do from here?? Well I did start back at the gym this week and I am going to try my best to do the program COUCH TO 5K I will probably have to take my time on this since I still have so much more weight to loose but I AM going to do it. I have always wanted to run.. I have even daydreamed before about crossing a finish line and I get all teary.. I haven't gained ANY of the weight I had lost so that is a great thing!! I just have to start not really over because that would mean freakin' 2 min on the DEVIL machine and I can do so much more than that now, I just have to start where I left off!!! :) TA TA for now!!

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