Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wow... Where have I been????!!??

I can't believe it's been this long since I have blogged!! I kinda left everyone in the dark didn't I??!!!?? Well what has been going on with me you ask? Just life I guess.. I have still been going to the gym only not so much this last week.. I have been in a big time funk lately.. Something I really need to pray about.. My family and I have been having some tough times lately.. Kinda like when it rains it pours.. I have felt so damn overwhelmed lately.. It's been one thing after another.. The day before yesterday when I thought I had enough I go and run my car across the side of the little metal rails that block the gas tanks so I dent and scratch up the passenger side of the door big time!! UGH!!! I cried and Allen just hugged me and told me it was ok and that it happens.. He is really the best husband anyone could have.. Sometimes I forget that.. I am really a fortunate person to have him in my life.. He is just amazing.. I don't think I have lost any more weight.. I feel all crappy lately because I haven't gone this week too.. :(.. It's just been a tough week for me.. I did feel the need to purge my food a few times this week.. I think I am realizing that when I am really stressed I do it the most.. It does help to be honest on here though.. I feel like it holds me accountable.. Well I need to go I have such a BUSY day ahead of me.. I have to get ready for my garage sale, edit some photos for Deanna, and other stuff..

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  1. Hope you are doing okay- I was thinking about you today. HUGS to you!!